To ensure a smooth and welcoming experience, please take a moment to review and get acquainted with the following guidelines at RAD Torque Raceway:

  • Authorized Parking: Only competition vehicles, haulers, personal vehicles, and self-contained motorhomes are permitted in the Pit Stall area. All other vehicles, including guests and crew, should be parked in the main Spectator Parking Lot and enter through the Main Spectator Gate.

  • Event-Specific Pit Space: Pit Stall space is exclusively available during Bracket Drag Series event days. No other events or facility rentals allow pit stall occupation without explicit authorization from RAD Torque Raceway management.

  • Post-Event Vehicle Removal: All vehicles must be removed from the RAD Torque Raceway facility at the conclusion of each Bracket Drag event or weekend. Exceptions can be made if approved by RAD Torque Raceway management and parked in a designated area.

  • Owner Responsibility: Owners are solely responsible for their rented Pit Stall, including general upkeep, maintenance, and overseeing who uses the stall. This includes handling spills, disposing of garbage and oil, etc. Adequate receptacles are conveniently placed throughout the facility. Please note that RAD Torque Raceway must be informed at least one week in advance if someone else will use your stall.

  • Early Entry: On Fridays, early entry is available from 11 AM to 3 PM and after 7 PM. However, early entry does not guarantee access to the rented stall. Pit Stall Holders must wait until the scheduled event (e.g., Street Legal) concludes before parking in their rented stall.

  • Occupancy Guidelines: Due to limited Pit space and the aim to accommodate as many competitors as possible for the season, consistency in space occupancy is crucial. Additionally, the owner of the race car must also occupy the allotted space. Only one stall is allotted per competition vehicle, and juniors may share space with their guardian’s primary competition vehicle.

By adhering to these rules and guidelines, we can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone at RAD Torque Raceway. Thank you for your cooperation.


To ensure a smooth and welcoming experience, please take a moment to review and get acquainted with the following guidelines at RAD Torque Raceway:

Scooters, Bikes, and Skateboards:

  • Age Restrictions: For everyone’s safety, individuals under the age of 16 are strictly prohibited from using scooters, hoverboards, roller blades, bikes, or any self-powered transport in the competition pit area, staging area, and public access areas during on-track operating hours.

  • Youth Access: On regularly scheduled Bracket Race days, youth (age 15 & under) are allowed to use self-powered transport in the concourse area (Playground Area) as long as an adult chaperone is present. However, this is not permitted during large public or specialty drag events.

  • Adult Participants: Adult participants who wish to use self-powered transportation during on-track operating hours must request a RAD Torque Raceway compliance tag from RAD Torque Raceway Management for approval. Youth participants and Guests may use self-powered transportation after race day on-track activities. Always ride with caution and respect for others’ safety and rights. Accidents can lead to serious injuries or property damage.

  • Safety Guidelines: Here are some essential safety guidelines:
    • Yield the right-of-way to pedestrians at all times.
    • Maintain a speed limit of 5MPH and stay in control of your device.
    • Only one seat per rider – no riding on handlebars, bush bars, or standing.
    • Helmets (Bicycle or equivalent) are mandatory for all individuals at all times.
    • Performing acrobatics, racing, or stunts with these devices is strictly prohibited.
    • Riding on architectural or landscape features other than designated asphalt areas is strictly prohibited.
    • When not in use, all self-powered transportation must be stored to avoid blocking pedestrian or vehicle pathways.
  • Operating Under the Influence: It is strictly prohibited for impaired individuals to operate ANY vehicle (self-powered or otherwise) at any time. Violators will be expelled immediately.

  • Consequences: Failure to comply with these rules will result in confiscation of the self-powered vehicle for the remainder of the day. A second infraction may lead to disciplinary action, and a third infraction could result in facility expulsion. Vehicle owners are responsible for ensuring compliance for all Crew, Drivers, and Guests.

Motorized Pit Vehicle Policy (Scooters, ATV’s, Golf Carts, 4-Wheelers, etc):

  • General Rules: These guidelines are designed to ensure safe and orderly racing events. By participating, all attendees are considered to have agreed to these rules. There is no implied warranty of safety associated with these rules.

  • Mandatory Helmets: Helmets are mandatory at all times.

  • Speed Limits: The speed limit is set at 10 MPH (15kms/h) throughout the facility, except on the racetrack. This rule applies to all vehicles, including pit bikes, ATV’s, etc.

  • Responsible Behavior: Burnouts, trans-brake tests, or any recreational or fun riding are not allowed in the pits or staging lanes.

  • Display of Competition Numbers: Contestants using auxiliary pit vehicles must display their competition numbers.

  • Age Restriction: No vehicle (except for Jr. Dragsters) may be operated by anyone under 16 years of age, and that person must have a valid driver’s license.

  • Staging Lanes: Motorized Pit Vehicles are allowed in the staging lanes only when towing a racecar. They must leave the staging lanes once the racecar starts.

  • Safety Considerations: Operators must consider terrain, weather conditions, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and exercise caution.

  • Venue Restrictions: Motorized Pit Vehicles are confined to specific competition areas on RAD Torque Raceway property, such as the Drag Strip, Oval Track, Motocross Track, and Road Course.

  • Pedestrian Right-of-Way: Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all times.

These rules and policies apply at all times while on the property. Reckless driving will not be tolerated, and violations will result in immediate action, including vehicle removal and potential disqualification from racing events. Drivers are responsible for their Crew members’ actions.