Imagine a partnership that not only benefits your company, but also captivates and engages your customers like never before.  We believe in creating unique and unforgettable experiences that resonate with your audience long after they leave your establishment.  By joining forces with your company, we are confident that we can take the market by storm with our powerful marketing campaigns and your unwavering endorsement. Our goal is to provide an outlet for entertainment and a one-of-a-kind experience
that connects your customers to your brand on a deeper level.  Let’s work together to personalize unique interactions and create long lasting memories for your valued clientele.


The combination of unparalleled brand loyalty, sponsor appreciation and demographics make our fans the most desirable audience available and event sponsorship the best value in marketing. A massive, diverse community gathers at and rallies behind our facility; compared to fans of other sports, racing fans proudly integrate their loyalty into every aspect of their life, including their purchasing behaviors and decisions.

The effects of an experience are heightened when consumers feel proximity to the action.  In motorsport, your brand is on and in the action-the cars, the goods and the fans themselves. This is why no sport delivers experiences quite like motorsports.  Sponsors who connect with consumers in an emotional way enjoy greater brand recall, loyalty and perception of the brand.

Studies have shown that motorsport fans seem to remember sponsors more often – and more accurately – than any other sports fans. 

  • 93% of fans said corporate sponsorship is very important to Motorsport’s existence.
  •  83% say they somewhat like or like a lot corporate Motorsport sponsorship
  • 51% feel as if buying a sponsor’s product allows them to contribute to the sport


  • Product Supplier Recognition
  • Facility Signage
  • Manufacturers Midway Display
  • Regional Media Inclusion (TV, Radio, Print)
  • Event Posters & Promotional Print Materials
  • Guest, Corporate & VIP Event Passes
  • Custom On-Site & Digital Platform Promotions
  • Event Product/Brand Integration

To inquire about availability, rates or additional information, please contact us.

  • Promotional Product Showcase
  • “Live” Public Address Announcements
  • Facility Website & Social Media
  • Promotional Gifts
  • Direct Competitor Promotional Opportunity
  • E-Ticket Corporate Brand Inclusion
  • Retail Souvenir Merchandise


Coast Nisku Inn & Conference Centre
Summit Racing Equipment
NHRA Championship Drag Racing
Rotary International
Fury Racing Fuel
JBs Power Centre
Flaman Trailers
Heavy Metal Equipment & Rentals
Molson Coors beverage company
AFD Petroleum
Don Wheaton
Crystal Glass
Dave's Diesel Repair Piston
Mutual Propane
Alberta ATV Repair
Finning CAT
Monster Energy
jetSet YEG Parking
Chop My Rate
ebay Motors
Canadian Tire
Global Power Systems
Hoosier Tire Canada
KeyAG Kubota
NAPA Auto Parts
ACE Racing
Coke Canada
Coke Canada
Carefree RV
Samson Racing Communications
Canadian Classic Car